Segway miniPRO Review

Segway miniPRO is the next phase in the evolution of self-balancing, two-wheeled personal transportation. miniPRO is developed with leading-edge technology which balances itself automatically according to our movements, offering the most steady and safest ride.

There are so many cool features that can surprise user; we can check out the performance data, interact with a tamper-proof security alarm, lighting on the device can be customized as you like on the mobile app dashboard; you can even operate the device remotely by using the app.

You don’t need so much practice to get the most out of the miniPRO. Thanks to the advanced technology, Segway makes the control of your ride very simple. To keep you balanced, your body movements is captured by the sensors precisely as well as the leading-edge knee control bar enables you to control the miniPRO easily and less effort than most of the hoverboards.

To fulfill the fire safety requirements and meet the highest standards of electrical, Segway miniPRO has been strictly tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories. miniPRO smart self-balancing transporter provides you with a unique and enjoyable experience either for transporting or recreational. Available in both black or white color.

Key Features of Segway miniPRO

Download the Segway app and connect it to your miniPRO via Bluetooth, you can access the following functions:

  • Speed Control
  • Unmanned Control
  • Anti-theft Alarm
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • Device Diagnostics
  • Personalized Lights

Padded knee control bar makes it possible for steering with both comfort and precise. To offers a military-grade impact resistance, miniPRO comes with aviation-grade magnesium alloy frame with 10.5 inches vacuum tires.

It features 800-watt dual motor with the max range of 23km and the top speed of 10mph. The engine is designed to get over different scenarios such as slopes, humps, etc. without having to sacrifice stability and safety.

UL 2272 Certified – Underwriter Laboratories provides a new certification and methodology for self-balancing scooters and of course Segway miniPRO meets all those requirements in May 2016.

Why Should You Buy Segway miniPro?

As you can see from the product name, miniPRO is designed by the reliable company Segway which is well-known for their innovative technology and first-class production. It’s hard to find any brands that can beat the quality of the Segway products.

  • Easy to Master – You can ride like an expert from the very beginning as the advanced technology will enable you to control the device with ease.
  • Excellent Adaptability – Your safety is the priority, it will adapt to most of the road conditions.
  • Self Study – the ‘secret technology’ allows it to improve the capabilities and functions to match your style of riding when your skills improve.
  • Light and Portable – It is convenient to carry, and all set to keep in small places like a trunk of the car by just detaching the knee control bar.
  • Customized to Maximum Comfortable – With the height adjusting function and padded knee control bar, it allows you to maneuver miniPRO comfortably no matter what stature you are.
  • Weatherproof, Dustproof, and Water-resistant – It is rated by IP54 and ready for every changing weather and bad road conditions.

Is Segway miniPRO Safe?

Segway MiniPro is designed to satisfy your need for speed and convenience while keeping you safe on the road. It is the very first self-balancing electric scooter which meets UL 2272 the electrical system safety certification.

With this safety certification, you are now far away from the risk of crashes and explosion. It comes with a headlight, a parking brake, turn signals, and brake lights.

You can switch on the parking brake via the mobile app, and it will beep and shake crazily if other people attempts to move it.

Considering that the device is quite hefty to carry, it comes with an extra handle in which you can walk it along. Also, you can control it remotely by mobile app wherever you want.

It is very unlikely to blow up as it has been through a lot of test by Segways and UL, plus it is a safe and reliable brand.

The Crisis of Hoverboards

In December 2016, Hoverboards started to become the most popular holiday gifts for every age group; everyone wishes to receive the devices as their Christmas gift.

Although everyone loves Hoverboards and give them a high rating for the convenience and playability, their safety issue couldn’t be hidden and gradually came to the surface.

The most significant issue of Hoverboards that the device would overheat and catch fire, and in some cases it seems like it would explode.

Hoverboards quickly became an illegal vehicle to use on walkways as well as banned from most of the airlines given that they could explode during the flight.

Later the manufacturer found out that the problem was caused by the lithium-ion battery that used to power the engine; the battery exceeded the 160 watt-hour regulatory limits that can cause a potential fire hazard.

The major retailers such as Amazon started to ban all the Hoverboards on their store to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Difference Between miniPRO and Hoverboards

Segway miniPROTypical Hoverboard
Max Speed10 mph10 mph
Max Range23 km32 km
Max Incline15 degrees15 degrees
Weight13 kg12 kg
Charge Time4 hours3 hours
Mobile AppYesNo
Anti-theft SystemYesNo
Knee Control BarYesNo
Safety CertificateUL 2272No

As you can see, it is different from the two-wheeled Hoverboards, especially the adjustable knee control bar between the treadle, the device won’t run without this, so it is the most important part. For me, it is an entirely different type of product.

Although the weight of the device is almost 12 kg, it can run at the maximum speed of 10 mph. Most of the weight comes from the 800-watt motor and 10.5-inch wheel, but it doesn’t matter since it can easily handle 15-degree slope on pavement.

Another significant difference is that it has a ‘brain’ inside the device which is driven by Intel. To keep you upright, it can track your movements 100 times/sec by using the sensors. Also, it can learn your riding behavior.

There is a durable magnesium alloy frame safeguards the lithium-ion battery pack which will help with shock reduction.

Noted that a full charge miniPRO can move 23 km. Since it is weatherproof, you can ride it while it is raining. With the mobile app, you can see the current speed and how far you can go until the battery died.

Segway miniPRO Release Date and Pricing

Although the price of Segway miniPRO is slightly higher than hoverboard, it is safer than hoverboard and won’t be catching fire, and the most important thing is that Segway is the most trustworthy brand in the market nowadays.

According to Segway, they will release developer kit and more cool features soon. The Segway miniPRO release date is June 29, 2016, but you can pre-order it on Amazon now.

Thanks for reading our Segway miniPRO review, below is the recap of this article, or you might want to click the button above to see the price on Amazon!

Mobile App Control and Anti-theft System

The Segway mobile app is your best companion with the miniPRO. After you have finished the brief riding training, you can access to the following cool features with the mobile app:

  • Choose your favorite color for the LED light
  • Move your miniPRO remotely like a boss
  • Update to the latest firmware version
  • Diagnose the device and system
  • Anti-theft system

Additional to the Anti-theft system, it enables you to lock the device, and it will make a loud alert sound and notify you via the mobile app if somebody attempts to steal your miniPRO.

Adapt to Various Road Conditions

Road conditions such as slopes and humps can cause ordinary hoverboard to stop working.

miniPro can quickly overcome these situations with its powerful dual motors and 10.5″ vacuum tires which has been designed to deal with different terrain without the need of giving up stability and safety.

It can across 15-degree slopes easily and turns shocks and bumps into a smooth ride with its 3.5-inch chassis.

Light and Portable

miniPRO is designed to be durable and convenient for the rider. It is made of light materials that used to build airplanes and spaceships such as carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium alloy.

It is only 12 kg, and you can take out the knee control bar for easy storage if you want to save some room space.

Easy to Ride

With the previous experience of creating innovative and user-friendly electrical personal transporter, Segway knows how to make the learning process easy and quick.

The high-tech sensors can capture all of your body movement to keep you upright and balance, maneuver easily with the knee control bar.

Design for Flexibility

miniPRO comes with a smart and ergonomics design, the adjustable knee control pad provides you with the flexibility and comfort, the most important is it fulfills the requirements of nearly every users.

Colorful LED Lights

miniPRO is perfectly designed to combine both appearance and safety which enables you to adjust the color of LED light, light your way and visible to other people at night.

High Speed and Long Range

miniPRO has a powerful lithium battery; it can consistently run up to 23 km after a 4-hour fully charge, with a maximum speed of around ten mph.

Understanding Safety Before Riding

We highly suggest you to install the mobile app and connect to your miniPRO via Bluetooth before you ride it.

It is because you will be prompted by a continuous annoying beep if you ride it without installing the mobile app. The sound will stop right until you go through the initial product walkthrough.

After installing the mobile app, you will discover seven safety tips which are unskippable but very informative.

If you don’t follow the safety guide and drive very fast which could lead to an accident, miniPRO will slow down itself automatically.

Kids are not suggested to ride the device if they are under 103 cm or 40 kg. It allows only one person to ride the device at once. These are some of the examples of the seven safety guides.

In order to let you get familiar with the device and safety consideration, miniPRO will automatically cap the max speed at 4.3 mph for the first kilometer of riding.

Riding Experience

The device started to balance itself when I pressed the power button to switch it on. I had trouble when I began to ride miniPRO as I’m used to steering my hoverboard with my feet. It’s totally a different thing.

It didn’t require much time for me to get familiar with the device and the way to maneuver it. However, I could only drive it at the maximum speed of 4.3 mph.

I could ride at 10 mph unless I passed the beginner mode and after the first kilometer of riding. It is so smooth and quiet even at the maximum speed.


miniPRO is not the ordinary electric scooter like the hoverboard. It is unique as there isn’t any other product like it available on the market nowadays. Because of the advanced technology, you might want to call it a robot rather than a self-balancing scooter.

The way you drive this miniPRO make it looks unique and more advanced than all the other self-balancing scooter.

It is much more like an actual vehicle as it is designed to travel on the road especially those uneven or tilt path, which means the engineer from Segway solves the instability problem of those old self-balancing electric scooter.

You may even ride it on the beach without any problems. In simple terms, it is designed to work on almost all sorts of terrain with a smooth and pleasurable ride.

miniPRO maintains an excellent balance between speed and range by trying to keep you from moving too fast that you consume the battery in a short period.

Quality of Tires

Another excellent thing of miniPRO is the tires; This device comes with 10.5″ pneumatic air-filled tires which can provide you with a smooth and stable ride over most of the terrains.

However, on rough surfaces like gravel roads, you should expect there will be some changes to the riding experience, as well as the steering precision and maximum speed.

The most of the ordinary hoverboards have harder and smaller-sized tires which have a poor performance when riding on rough surfaces, while the big cushioned wheels enable your Segway miniPRO to move over bumps and cracks in the road without difficulty.

Braking on the miniPRO is similar to decelerating; there are many precision sensors which react to your every slight body movements, tilted backward and move to center mass as a way to stop and keep both the device and you upright.


The foundation is made of a high elasticity and lightweight magnesium alloy which disperses heat a lot better and provides exceptional shock absorption, which means you have a smooth ride, a durable and lightweight self-balancing scooter.

It looks a bit larger than a regular hoverboard because of the height of the removable knee control bar and the bigger tires, it is not that much larger if you take them away, which means it is easy for storing. At only 13 kg, most of the users can take it up with merely one hand.


It might seem pretty hefty to carry to some of the users; Segway provides you with a useful technology to move miniPRO around as an alternative which is named ‘Power Assist Mode’.

The knee control rod comes with a ‘guide bar’ which can pull out from the top of the rod. The guide bar enables you to carry it around like rolling luggage.

You are only allowed to pulled the guide bar; it will retract and resist if you try to move the miniPRO by pushing it. Also, you should never pick the device up by using the guide bar.

You can take the device up off the ground by using the knee control rod; the engine will disengage immediately to stop the wheels from spinning.

It is a very safety function which can protect your legs against the scratching from unnecessary spinning as well as the splattering of water and mud from the tires.

In the event you put it back on the floor the engine will start to function and stand upright once again.

Front Dashboard

You can monitor your device easily by just taking a look at the front dashboard which shows the speed limit, status of battery and Bluetooth icon.

Bluetooth Icon – When the device has not yet connected to the mobile app, the Bluetooth icon will blink, so that you will be aware whether the device can be monitored and controlled by your cell phone or not.

Speed Limit Icon – Speed limit is turned on when this icon is lighted, which means the maximum speed is restricted to 4 mph by default. However, the speed limit can be raised by using the app.

Battery Icon – to save power when the battery is lower than 2 bars or 30%, the device will slowly decrease the maximum speed limit.

It is an excellent feature to inform you how much the battery power is left so that you will never get stranded somewhere with a dead battery. As you can imagine, you will be very frustrated to carry a no-electricity device and walk to your destination alone.

Final Thoughts

Segway miniPRO is an excellent self-balancing electric scooter with tons of useful and innovative features that you won’t seen on any other device nowadays.

Last but not least, Segway products are supported by many big technology leaders in the world, this is why miniPro is the safest, best performing and well-made electric personal transportation nowadays.

Although it is an expensive self-balancing scooter on the market, it is definitely worth the price, and hence we firmly recommend it.

Once again, thanks for reading our review, we hope you can get yourself a miniPRO and have fun with this cool new gadget!

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